How to be pretty


Ananya Nukala

If your daily screentime is less than three hours, I’m jealous.

how to be pretty: a guide

1. be skinny, but not to the point where you look sickly

2. be curvy, but remember: you still have to be skinny!

if you’ve done the top two correctly, you should have an hourglass figure (thin waist, large curves: ⏳)

4. have large eyes and a small nose (if you don’t, well then it’s time for plastic surgery! ✂️😄)

for reference, look at any popular Instagram influencer

5. have a thigh gap (yes, this is determined by your bone structure, so be born with one!!)

Fake it ‘til you make it! (photo editing works wonders!)

6. workout and diet, but don’t be muscular

you don’t wanna look like the rock!

7. smooth skin is a must! no acne, blemishes, scars, stretch marks and cellulite…

~things to keep in mind~:
you can’t be born with all of this, so plastic surgery and photo editing are your besties !

author’s note:
you are beautiful no matter what. let’s stop comparing ourselves to this “perfect” image of pretty, and instead, let’s strive to get rid of societal beauty standards.