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In need of some co-curricular activities to pass some time? Top-notch clubs only offered at Castilleja.

Newest clubs at Castilleja

April 1, 2021

In this difficult time, we could all use some fun new clubs to help take our minds off of the many fires burning around us. I know I could use a fun new hobby or group. I have contacted many of the club leaders and asked them to share some highlights of their clubs and why you should join. So, let’s take a look at some exciting clubs as we sip our coffee and whisper, “This is fine,” to ourselves.

Miss-spellirs Untie!
The pirfoct club fur any stoodent who gets merked of oll the tieme en inglish for miss-spelling thins. Are furst meeting is an the seevnteteh of arpil. We hop u oll cmoe. Cee u oll sun!
– Anie Tchaickoskeriwes

Secret Club
We’re not allowed to tell you what this club is about, as we’re sworn to secrecy, but we can say that it’s _____________________________________________________ ____________ __ _ __________
_ ________

Hamburger Pls?
This club is for all of you totally human ppl out there who are uniting to finally convince our ppl to give us hamburger. I mean, we r all so cute and cuddly we shud get hamburger just 4 that. PLS!!
– Fluffy

Procrastinators Club
Hey, I’m writing this super last minute, but you should all join the procrastination club. Though we have yet to meet (we’re all just so busy) we’re a really fun group of people. Please leave your application till the last night. If you submit before then, it’s an immediate rejection.
– Penelope Maybelaterton

Exclusivity Club
Unfortunately, I have to cut in to write the description for this specific club since as of yet, there are no members––no one has been deemed good enough to become a member. Feel free to apply to get into this club, but be prepared to be rejected, or even more likely, receive no response at all.

Fight Club
First rule of Fight Club.
– Tyler Durden

I hope you all enjoyed a sneak peak at the newest Castilleja clubs! Be sure to send the leaders an email to request an application if any of these new clubs piqued your interest.

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