Author in Downtown Palo Alto circa 2018.

Sitting on a rooftop on University Ave

By Sara Baudler | June 4, 2021

7:33 pm, University Avenue A lone saxophonist plays mournful jazz in the middle of University Avenue; drum beats spill from a speaker at his feet. People give him a wide berth but their feet unconsciously...

Recent discoveries have unveiled the vaccine inequities between public and private school teachers.

A flawed system, built with good intentions: A closer look into the vaccine rollout for teachers

By Loralei Rohrbach | June 4, 2021

As the world paused to accommodate the needs resulting from the COVID-19 virus, I was able to live through this experience with two educators during the transition into online learning. I think it's rather...

Los Gatos High School teens were elated to attend prom after being fully vaccinated

Is Prom worth the hype?

By Emily Chan | May 21, 2021

Prom is a big deal. The quintessential American high school experience. The night for which teenagers spend months in advance preparing, booking limos, buying dresses, and crafting perfect promposals. Although...

The Class of 2021 partakes in their movie night social at the beginning of second semester senior year.

What does it really mean to be a second-semester senior?

By Raveena Lele | March 25, 2021

The second I hit the “submit” button for my last college application, I sunk into my chair and prepared myself for a semester of relaxation. For some reason, I, like many other seniors, was under the...

Students marched around campus during Castilleja's 2019 Global Climate Strike Walkout

It’s 2030, and Palo Alto is a champion of sustainability. Here’s how we got here.

By Julia Zeitlin | March 25, 2021

I am twenty-four years old today. Three years ago, I graduated from college and am now home, visiting my family in Palo Alto for the winter holiday season. I walk into our kitchen and make pancakes for...

Two protesters drawn with signs reading #stopasianhate and #hateisavirus, trending social media hashtags on the topic of violence towards Asian Americans.

The Normalization of Hate

By Kelly Yang | March 22, 2021

“Ching chong nee how ma!!” The words were terse and scornful. The empty park echoed these slings, and my face burned as I looked over at my brother, hoping I had misheard. The bewildered expression...

This collage of photographs depicts Jeong-in's gradual change in appearance before, right after, and during her adoption.

Jeong-in’s death: Why the Korean police needs to do better in finding and prosecuting child abuse

By Yonu Oh | March 19, 2021

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentioning of death, murder, and abuse Mok-dong, Yangcheon District. October 13, 2020. 16 months old. Bruises. Fractured bones. Head wounds. Ruptured pancreas. At barely 1 year old,...

Palo Alto residents gather to show support to victims of sexual assault.

Palo Alto, sexual assault, and looking forward

By Lila Bock | March 11, 2021

This article contains mention of sexual assault. Students seeking support should feel empowered to reach out to Castilleja Counseling. For a comprehensive list of resources and rights, please visit this...

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, speaks at a 2012 conference

An abundance of Larry’s

By Sara Baudler | March 11, 2021

Recently, it has come to my attention that an absurd amount of the influence in the Bay Area is named Larry. Off the top of my head I can think of three: Larry Ellison, Larry Page, and Larry Sonsini. Larry,...

The cows in the barn eat in cramped and non-eco-friendly conditions

The problem with eating animals

By Sophie Lamm | November 15, 2020

Today is my last day of living. I am shoved on a big overcrowded truck, and I hear the doors slam shut behind me. The summer heat drains my body of water, as the inside of my mouth foams from thirst. But...

Mulan Movie Cover

“Culturally inaccurate and bland”: The controversies associated with the Mulan live-action remake

By Kelly Yang | November 15, 2020

22 years after it’s original Disney animation release, fans were anticipating the long-awaited live-action release featuring the tale of Mulan. Between its pushback from the original March 27 air date...

Social media platforms are making people more lonely than ever before

How social media is making you more lonely

By Allison Row | November 14, 2020

Ten years ago, in October 2010, Instagram was officially released to the world. The photo sharing app quickly gained popularity and had over a million registered users within two months, 10 million users...

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