The cows in the barn eat in cramped and non-eco-friendly conditions

The problem with eating animals

By Sophie Lamm | November 15, 2020

Today is my last day of living. I am shoved on a big overcrowded truck, and I hear the doors slam shut behind me. The summer heat drains my body of water, as the inside of my mouth foams from thirst. But...

Mulan Movie Cover

“Culturally inaccurate and bland”: The controversies associated with the Mulan live-action remake

By Kelly Yang | November 15, 2020

22 years after it’s original Disney animation release, fans were anticipating the long-awaited live-action release featuring the tale of Mulan. Between its pushback from the original March 27 air date...

Social media platforms are making people more lonely than ever before

How social media is making you more lonely

By Allison Row | November 14, 2020

Ten years ago, in October 2010, Instagram was officially released to the world. The photo sharing app quickly gained popularity and had over a million registered users within two months, 10 million users...

Moira King and her sister, Claudine, posing in Rwanda on July 13, 2012

Reckoning with reconciliation: Let’s learn from a “third world country”

By Moira King | November 13, 2020

I remember the day quite vividly when someone mentioned that my new sister was from a third world country. I had been sitting at my first-grade table when the comment struck my heart in a way it hadn’t...

Castilleja 2019 varisty water polo teammates exchange high-fives at a game

The lack of diversity in aquatics is dangerous

By Serafina Cortez | November 13, 2020

The first time I learned to swim, I was four. I was safe. I was lucky. I glided, not quite effortlessly through the water, but oblivious to anything other than its cool touch. I’ve been in and out of...

Castilleja's BIPOC Instagram that was created in summer 2020 has been showcasing the voices of Castilleja's BIPOC community

How anonymous submissions can foster inclusion: The @bipocatcasti Instagram account

By Sela Dingpontsawa | November 13, 2020

This past summer an Instagram account was created in order to highlight the stories of the Castilleja BIPOC community. Since then, the account has garnered 740 followers and has been a topic of conversation...

Uniforms are proving to have detrimental effects to the body positive movement

Why uniforms are detrimental to the body positivity movement

By Ashley Ehrenpreis | November 13, 2020

School uniforms, while in principle designed to provide a heightened sense of equality and unification within communities, are in reality a leading cause of comparison and insecurity both at Castilleja,...

The Class of 2024 has a socially distanced October meetup on the circle

The new nines’ experience during distance learning

By Thea Dai | November 1, 2020

Although the transition to high school is always difficult, the global pandemic has added challenges that no one could’ve predicted. In addition to constant online classes and many long hours on Zoom,...

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