This summer is hot girl summer, but what good is hot girl summer without a stack of hot girl books?

The ultimate summer reading list

By Yonu Oh | June 20, 2021

Perched atop the breast of the glowing orb, under the vermillion-streaked sky, there she sat, submerged in the world of her novel, under the infinite field of opal dust. The brilliant afternoon wind hushed...

Your summer 2021 bucket list

Your summer 2021 bucket list

By Anja Peterson | May 21, 2021

Summer marks the beginning of morning hikes, afternoon picnics, last-minute trips to the beach, twilight dinners touched with a warm breeze, and so much more. Whatever summer entails for you, it’s right...

One of Castilleja's infamous treats is their muffins served on hot chocolate mornings on the circle

I made a full meal using only Castilleja recipes: Here’s what happened

By Aizza Rocha | May 21, 2021

I can speak for the majority when I say that I’m glad to be back on campus. There’s a lot of things we missed: lying on the circle, roaming the fitness center, consuming large amounts of ice. But nothing...

2020, despite very secluding, opened our minds to new genres and flavors of music.

Soundtrack of my COVID year: Quarantine favorites

By Jesse Gross | March 25, 2021

Through this insanely isolating and seemingly never-ending year, I myself have been searching for creative ways to stay sane. Along with all of the free hours that the pandemic has gifted me, I’ve discovered...

Castilleja Theater presents their 2021 US play called The Wolves.

Lights, camera, livestream: A sneak peek into this year’s Castilleja play

By Claire Wong | March 19, 2021

This year’s Castilleja Upper School play is "The Wolves," a riveting story about the experiences of an all-girls soccer team as they grapple with tragedy and the challenges of being a teen girl in a...

Rainbow Rowell's spin-off novels

“Any Way the Wind Blows”: Questions, speculations, and twitter

By Aizza Rocha, Staff Writer | March 19, 2021

WARNING: Extreme spoilers ahead. Read with caution. If you’re a fan of all things love, heartbreak, and magic, then you’re no stranger to the work of Rainbow Rowell. Originally known for her...

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art houses many hidden gems in its walls.

Finding solace in art: An SFMOMA retreat

By Emily Chan | March 19, 2021

SFMOMA is a beautiful escape where Wayne Thiebaud’s cakes float around me as I taste test each one, where Louise Bourgeois’ spiders pounce on me as I try to dodge them, and where Frida Kahlo calls...

Music has become a place of escape and comfort for

Impact of music on “quaran-teens”

By Ashley Ehrenpreis | March 11, 2021

Hey Siri! Play Piano Man by Billy Joel! “Well we're all in the mood for a melody / And you've got us feelin' alright.” Joel’s lyrics sum up the universal consensus among teens. Throughout the...

Quarantine entertainment guide

Quarantine entertainment guide

By Claire Wong | November 15, 2020

Don’t know what to watch this weekend? I’ve been there. In fact, I’ve spent more than an hour in one day just clicking through titles and watching trailers because I couldn’t find anything...

Can we separate a piece of art from the artist?

When the magic fades: Can we separate art from the artist?

By Sonia Cherian | November 13, 2020

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open,” J.K. Rowling wrote in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Throughout his many magical...

An image from Robert Bechtle, an artist from the Bay Area

“Painting a nostalgic view of the Bay Area”: Robert Bechtle

By Emily Chan | November 13, 2020

On September 25, I was sitting in Biology Class when I read “Photorealist Painter Robert Bechtle, Who Captured the Bay Area in Painstakingly Faithful Detail, Has Died at 88” from Artnet News. I immediately...

See image of Wild Flour Bakery, one of many nearby bread hot-spots

The best bread in the Bay Area? Sara Baudler investigates…

By Sara Baudler | November 13, 2020

At first I was going to try and make this a simple list, but I feared that it would read too much like one of those Buzzfeed articles listing “Fifty Great Cooking Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen.”...

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