10 steps to get your child into the college of your dreams: It’s so simple


Parisa Braun

It’s true, ten steps are all it takes to get into the college of your dreams

It’s never too early to nurture the mind for a higher IQ. Classical music should be played at all times while your child is in the womb to ensure that synapses are being formed in the earliest stages of brain development.

Dual enrollment in Kumon starting 1st grade, in all subjects.

Throughout this time, you should also be teaching your kid 5 different languages to ensure their worldliness.

Middle school, it’s time to take a trip to a third world country for community service. This will serve as great inspiration for a college essay, which you should be drafting!

High school: only go to a public school if you know your kid will be #1, otherwise they will get lost in the masses. Consider enrolling in an elite private school in the top 20 high schools in the US, anything below is not worth it

Every vacation is an opportunity for intellectual and personal development. Ex. Cabo. A biology lesson! Perfect place to study the wildlife.

Found a non-profit! If this is not in the cards, coding an app to solve a global issue like world hunger will suffice. Please make sure you get a patent.

If your child likes piano, guitar, violin or flute, you should have introduced them to the euphonium as a 2 year old. Every college needs a euphonium! They should win at least one award for their playing every year, and playing at the Lincoln center once is not enough.

Your child should also be following through with a sport like golf, squash, table tennis, or badminton. Colleges don’t need another soccer player.

And lastly, as an extra, ensure that your child has at least one searchable Ted Talk to ensure that their web presence is complete.

If you are interested in more information, I am here to help! You can hire me for $80,000 per year. If you are interested in improving your child’s SAT scores, or have an interest in collegiate rowing, that is available for an additional fee, please reach out to me by phone. No documentation please.