Everything’s Fine in the K-Pop Industry

If you haven’t heard of k-pop, you’ve been living under a rock. Within recent years, the massive popularity rise in k-pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK has caused Korean culture and music to skyrocket into the spotlight.
Yes, this breakthrough for Asian people in the music industry is astounding. Yes, the dancing, singing, and rapping skills of every k-pop member are incredible. Yes, I too am ARMY.
Did I mention yet that the industry is absolutely incredible to be in, both work-wise and ethically? All the trainees are absolutely ecstatic to give up their childhood and break their backs over having the one-in-a-million chance of debuting. Oh, and they are totally willing to get surgery and change themselves entirely just to fit the perfect k-pop mold. Isn’t that great that they’re so willing to erase themselves and be worked for unethical hours to debut, which will likely result in their group breaking up due to being unsuccessful??
Not to mention, once they debut, they are all taken care of wonderfully by their companies. A perfect micro-managed image that no doubt covers up certain aspects of their true personality? Check. Making sure that they never go over a certain weight, so much so that some k-pop members (not to mention trainees) end up starving themselves? Check. Keeping them in contact with their family? Um, not so much, but does that really matter? I mean, they’re a global superstar now, c’mon.
Sure, the industry isn’t perfect, but we really don’t need to go into all the suicides and scandals that happened because everything is fine.