LOVE to sleep: Ranking the best nap spots at Castilleja


Elke Teichmann

The Circle is one of the spots on campus that houses the perfect environment for a quick nap.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I have found myself contemplating what I truly love in life. As much as I want to be able to picture the face of some mysterious, handsome, six feet tall suitor, the only image my mind formulates is that of sleep. Whether it be in between classes, during study halls or at lunch, my time at Castilleja has taught me not only the pure bliss that a power nap can provide, but also the best locations to drift off into that heavenly state. With the assistance of multiple sleep experts on campus, I can now confidently present the top six nap spots at Castilleja.

The Library
Undoubtedly one of the most popular spots, the library’s variety of cushioned chairs, couches and nooks provides the perfect solace for a nap of any length. The purple reclining chairs are definitely noted as a fan favorite for their versatility, ideal body support and portable nature. Annika Heinemann ’24 said another crucial factor of the library is “the white noise and background noise. It creates the perfect sleeping environment.” With the hushed chatter and delicate scribbling of pencils as a backtrack to your snooze, the library is easily a perfect napping spot (in addition to studying, of course).

Arya Nukala ’23 specifically highlighted the beanbag rocking chair in the back corner of the library: “The beans in the beanbag absorb your body heat.” she said, “And, if you create a cocoon with a blanket, then you create a pocket of warm air,” hence forming the perfect sleeping bubble of warmth. However, some of the more shy sleepers may be concerned about the lack of privacy in the library and possible judgment that one could face. Jenny Karsner ’22 posed a solution: “I like to curl up with my back facing the population to really tune out the staring, beady eyes.”

For those who are fans of natural light, white noise and arguably some of the most comfortable chairs on campus, the library fosters a perfect environment for a nap of any length.

Second Floor Arrillaga
Second Floor Arrillaga, also known as the Language Lobby, houses the infamously comfortable chairs and couches that can also be found in the wellness classrooms. With a variety of sizes that can easily be pushed together to construct a makeshift bed, the Language Lobby provides peak comfort and versatility for your next napping endeavors. Alexis Eskenazi ’23 even called these “some of the best chairs on campus.”

One downside of Second Floor Arrillaga is the volume factor. Due to the large number of extremely vocal language classes surrounding the central hallway, the noise levels can be a bit too high to truly have a solid nap. Ms. Pence noted that the excess of “public-ness” in the areas between the classrooms may foster a napping environment that is not for everyone. If slight noise or the public view does not inhibit your ability to sleep, the comfort of Second Floor Arrillaga may make it the perfect location for you.

Wellness Rooms
Though receiving some mixed reviews, I remain firm in my belief that the wellness rooms deserve a high place on this list. As Eskenazi put it, “There’s a strong association between wellness class and relaxation, so it’s more peaceful to nap in the wellness classroom than to nap in the bio room.” Whether it be the often dead silence on 3rd floor Arrillaga or the boatloads of natural light that peak in through the windows, the wellness rooms offer an abundance of luscious cushioned couches and snug pillows simply calling you to doze off.

Karsner said, “I can’t close my eyes too long in there because I feel like a ghost will enter my body,” in reference to the large size and mysterious aura of the space. However, Ms. Pence, queen of the wellness rooms herself, stated that during class, the wellness rooms offer the perfect blend of “​​low light but the warmth from the sun, blankets, the dull noise of people [and] green (ish) plants for that outside, fresh air feel.” So, if you are a fan of natural air, peaceful auras, and somewhat mysterious space, the wellness rooms should be a strong prospect for your next snooze.

The Circle

This list would not be complete without mentioning the Circle. Boasting an easily accessible and tempting location, the Circle is a quick, efficient and comfortable option for a nap. “When you close your eyes it’s almost as if you are on a beach vacation,” Karsner stated, “This is my favorite place to sleep.” Without any obstructions to the sun’s rays, the Circle is practically a heated blanket asking for you to crawl in.

Heinemann expressed a downside of the Circle to be when “the sun is too bright because it can really burn. That makes it difficult to fall asleep.” However, the addition of the tents scattered around the perimeter of the Circle hopefully provides a more comfortable environment for those a bit more sensitive to the heat. Additionally, Nukala noted the “possibility that a seagull poops on you,” so, during the summer months, it might be your best bet to stay under the tents. But, on a lukewarm spring day, the Circle can often cultivate the perfect temperature to curl up on your backpack and get in a quick nap in the middle of the day.

Choral Room

Though the Choral Room is not a place that would come to mind for the majority, this is perhaps what makes it such a great location. Often empty for most of the day, the Choral Room is one of the quietest and darkest on campus. Karsner noted that “the beige tones add to the warmth and hominess of it,” a feature that is seldom found in other busy napping spots around campus. Whether it be on the floor in the back of the room or simply lay your head on one of the desks of the chairs, there are countless napping configurations that you can create.

However, the Choral Room can have an unpredictable schedule; you never know when a teacher, class, or guest speaker could enter. This could pose some problems for some of the deeper sleepers, especially with the tempting environment the Choral Room has to offer. For those that are lighter sleepers or need a darker, quieter environment, the Choral Room may be the perfect place for you.

​​The Fishbowl
An honorable mention on the list, despite its current closure, the Fishbowl housed arguably some of the best natural light on campus. With its floor-to-ceiling glass window panes and abundance of couches, a nap here is described as “amazing, sunshiney warm-ness” by Ms. Pence. Except for the crowded times of break and lunch, the Fishbowl was relatively quiet during and between classes, leaving it a perfect location to soak in the sun, potentially catch a tan and doze off for a period of time.

So beautifully put in the words of Heinemann, “In the Castilleja community, there are so many tired individuals who just need a little nap,” and I believe it is about time we normalized this sleep culture on campus. From the unbeatable serenity of the library, all the way to the uncomfortably comfortable heat of the Circle, clearly the Castilleja campus houses a myriad of nap spots. Whether it be on a chair, couch or the floor, I hope these rankings provide a means for you to further understand why we should all embrace and foster our love for sleep this Valentine’s Day and beyond.