Quiz: Are you a Castilleja student?


Thea Dai

Are you like these Castilleja students on the circle?

Quiz: Are you a Castilleja student?

General Questions (+1 each)

  • Do you currently have more than five pieces of turf on you? (+1)
  • Do you need your planner in order to function properly? (+1)
  • Do you wait in the lunch line every day just to get a bagel or toast? (+1)
  • Do you love the uniform for its simplicity but wear UVs to school every day? (+1)
  • Is it hard for you to survive without class group chats? (+1)

How many items have you bought from the vending machine this week?

  • 0 because those snacks are overpriced (-10)
  • 0 because I forgot my money (+5)
  • 1-3 (+1)
  • 3-5 (+2)
  • 5-7 (+3)
  • 7-10 (+4)
  • 10+ (No points. You must’ve taken those Ruffles I was eyeing :/ )

What’s your biggest source of happiness?

  • No HW Weekends (+1)
  • The confetti on Membean after you meet your weekly goal (+3)
  • When there’s still tofu left at lunch (+4)
  • Playing 2048 in class (+2 if regular, but +5 if it’s 2048 cupcakes)

What’s your biggest fear?

  • Missing the guac at burrito bar (+1)
  • Seeing Dr. Pang with a UV on (+2)
  • Messing up a schedule-send email (+3)
  • Walking through the Stent as a non-senior (+5)

Add how many unread emails you have in your inbox right now.
Subtract the number of hours you slept last night.

Bonus: Extra Credit
Did you click on the extra credit link? (+5)

Grading Rubric

15+ 5-10 0-5
Student demonstrates strong awareness of Castilleja’s culture and understanding at the deepest level. Student definitely attends Castilleja. Student exhibits some characteristic traits of the Castilleja community. Student most likely attends Castilleja. Student is faintly reminiscent of Castilleja culture. Student could potentially attend Castilleja.