How to tell a student’s stress level based on their UV


Ella Holsinger

UVs are a lifestyle.

Even though the pleated pinstripe skirt is a pinnacle to Castilleja culture, some students have been abandoning the uniform to express themselves. However, these acts of rebellion can also express the amount of stress the student is facing. For example,

Sock UV

Let this student breathe, they’re doing their best.

UV shirt

This student is fine, it’s just laundry day.

No polo under sweater

This student is mentally on a sandy beach in Cabo San Lucas. School stress is the last thing on their mind, regardless of their actual workload. No thoughts, head empty vibe until they start complaining about how they want to take their sweater off at lunch. CA living was good until it wasn’t.

Patterned sweater vest over polo

This student is stressed over their AT Calc with Infinite Series homework and procrastinating by accessorizing their uniform. Get some sleep smartie!!!!!

Ugg slippers

Bring this student a chai latte, they need a pick-me-up.

No skirt with sweatpant

Max stressed. Please direct this student to a therapist ASAP!!!