How to ask for an extension


Lila Morill

A breakdown of the familiar process.

How to ask for an extension, the step by step process:

1. As soon as your teacher assigns a project, work on it during class then never look at it again until the week it is due

2. Complain to your friends about how there should have been more time to work on the assignment

3. After complaining, proceed to do nothing about it and continue to procrastinate

4. As the due date advances, become even more stressed because you haven’t worked on the assignment at all

5. Complain some more to your friends

6. On the class before the assignment is due, try to approach your teacher, but back out because you can’t seem to face them due to feeling like a “disappointment”

7. Visit your classroom during lunch to find your teacher for the second time but leave, again, because someone else is in the room

8. After trying so hard to face your teacher, desperately spam email them during your last period class asking for some more time while sprinkling in some white lies about a family problem or a newly developed stomach bug

9. Refresh your Gmail every minute to check of your teacher respond

10. After having your request accepted, don’t start the project until the last day of the extension

11. If the project is due at midnight, turn it in at 11:59 p.m. If due at another time, turn it in the minute before it is due