GIFs are the new alphabet. All hail GIFs.

GIFs are the new alphabet. All hail GIFs.

According to me, GIFs are better than words. The English alphabet is overrated.

So, let’s explore some top tier GIFs and when to use them, shall we?

When your chem partner asks you what number you got for ∆G˚, but your answer was Le Châtelier’s Principle.

When you miss your chance to get up to use the restroom because your teacher says, “One more thing,” so you just sit back down and try to denuclearize your exploding bladder.

When you realize that the last time you whipped and nae-naed was 7 years ago.

When your friend texts, “ur mom likes me just the way i am,” respond with the chicken. The chicken.

When Monica gives up her Ticonderoga and finally buys herself a mechanical pencil.

When you didn’t know what Ticonderoga was and thought it was a type of dinosaur.

When your sister won’t stop talking about rowing and 2ks and split times and erging and coxswains and dead weight and quads and literal water.

When you realize that every Castilleja student can live to see 2100.

When your friend sets the group chat profile pic as a blown up version of your face that’s bigger than Lady Liberty’s nostrils #America.

When you are trying to convince yourself that you are the victim—that it’s not your fault you didn’t do your homework and that it’s the homework’s fault.

When the teacher asks, “Should we tolerate sexism?”, but you zoned out, so you accidentally nod, and you nod… vigorously.

When you don’t believe in karma, but it keeps coming for you.

When you need to peace-out of a conversation.

Goodbye, darlings. It’s been fun.