The best songs from the past 10 years


Baylee Ha

Never gonna give these classic songs up.

It’s already 2022, and what better way to celebrate the turn of the decade than reflecting on the greatest music hits of the past? Be it quarantine singles or the chart-topping trends of our elementary school days, here are some of the certifiably best songs of the past decade.

1. “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silentó (2015)

Undoubtedly one of the greatest hits Gen Z was around to witness, this song spent six weeks on the charts and peaked at a whopping #3 on Billboard. That’s gotta mean it’s full of substance, good lyricism, and killer beats, right? Right!

An aggregate 1.8 billion views can’t lie. The simplistic MIDI backing and contagious chants of “Whip” and “Nae Nae” with the instantly recognizable “You already know who it is” have haunted—I mean, blessed—our generation with dance moves and catchphrases alike.

2. “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorius (2016)

If there’s anyone who’s absolutely shaped our modern society, it’s Jacob Sartorius. His lyricism defeated the greatest legends of his time, and the sheer passion and intensity behind his words truly defined the genre going forward, “not to mention the IMPACT,” said Danielle Molotsi ‘24. “He went VIRAL.”

Truer words have never been spoken. With lyrics as wise as, “So baby, if you are not ready for my kiss / Then you can wear my sweatshirt” (and clothing that can dance!), who can hate this then-13-year-old revolutionary?

3. “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry (2017)

What’s better than viral tunes by teens? Diss tracks! A direct response to the then-feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, this song aimed to solidify Perry’s superiority over her opponent. Featuring Nicki Minaj, another member of the unofficial 2017 Swift Hate Club, Katy rounds up misfits to play ball in the mini-film MV.

Diss tracks exponentiating pop-star beef can NEVER go wrong. With stellar basketball-related bombshells, such as “Funny my name keeps comin’ outcha mouth / ‘Cause I stay winning,” “Your game is tired / You should retire” and the iconic “Swish, swish, bish,” it’s clear that Perry left absolutely no room for her 11-time Grammy-award-winning competition. None.

4. “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul

“Los Angeles, Cali boy / But I’m from Ohio though, white boy”—just from the intro dialogue, it’s obvious that Jake Paul and his 2017 Team 10 squad were rap pioneers. Set in their LA mansion that paved the way for the modern-day phenomenon of influencer houses, the song and its jabs towards various other celebrities have aged like fine wine, just as their careers have.

The rhymes and quips spanning across the verses of all the self-proclaimed rappers are beautifully eloquent. “Man I’m poppin’ all these checks, got a brand new Rolex / And I met a Lambo too and I’m coming with the crew” is a revolutionary verse for the genre. From fervent praise of Donald Trump, to “Is that your boy’s cologne?” to the wise and geographically intelligent, “England is my city,” it’s obvious why “It’s Everyday Bro” is only the 16th most disliked video of all time.

5. “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley