Castilleja fashion: How to look stylish in a uniform


Castilleja School

Castilleja fashion comes in all colors, styles, and designs

The Castilleja blue-pleated skirt and navy polo combination is undoubtedly iconic, but insanely unoriginal. You and 400 other students will show up wearing that same outfit every single day, and who wants that? However, there is a way to avoid this atrocious scenario. By following this expert guide on layering, accessorizing and more, you are sure to be able to craft your unique and stylish new uniform look.

Let’s start with the basics. The polo is pretty unnecessary as is, especially in the wintertime. Don’t be afraid about getting a UV — no one is going to see it anyway. Instead, replace your polo with a shirt of choice in any color of the rainbow — comfort is key! For athletes, I recommend wearing your respective athletic attire, because why waste time changing after school?

Next comes your hoodie, crewneck or zip-up layer. In all honesty, this layer could actually be your first. If no one is going to see the shirt you are wearing underneath, what is the point of wearing one in the first place? If you want to express some brighter pops of color in your outfit, this is the layer to do it. Be sure to also show off your large and flashy logos; your outfit would be boring without them.

In the winter months, a jacket is a necessity. I recommend veering towards an excessively puffy puffer or an ankle length parka. The puffer route adds lots of depth to your outfit, allowing your layers to truly build on top of each other. Looking like a stuffed animal is, in fact, the end goal. However, the parka route is equally intriguing. Parkas can be lifesavers for sitting on the wet Circle or making loud swishing sounds as you walk through the halls. The aesthetic of your depends just as much on visuals as it does on its sound effects and convenience.

Now is perhaps the most crucial layer: sweatpants. Of course, leggings are also an option, but clearly, sweatpants are exponentially more stylish. The color of your sweatpants should not match the color of your sweatshirt, nor that of your jacket. Sporadic changes in color are key to forming your outfit. The sweatpants should be slightly baggy in order to provide a contrast to your other garments of clothing. Food stains can additionally add an eccentric touch, a feature I would highly recommend if you are looking to send a message on a given day.

Your skirt should rest unevenly above your sweatpants. Contrasting angles are important for the geometric satisfaction of your appearance. Depending on the length of your sweatshirt, only an inch of your skirt may be visible under it, and this is an ideal fashion choice. Why conform to the norm of showing a full ten inches of your skirt when you only need to show one? This stylistic choice truly adds to your diversity in layers.

Next, we will enter the nitty gritty accessories. Socks should be any color, and again, bright colors are ideal. Jewelry is truly a personal preference — you really cannot go wrong. Shoes, however, can be the deciding factor between what sets you apart and what blends you in. However tempted you may be, do not wear those white sneakers that look just like the sneakers of every single person that has ever walked the circle. If shoes are one of the only things in the uniform that you cannot be UVed for, never go the safe route.

From your ginormous puffer all the way down to the color of your socks, you now know how to dress to impress at Castilleja. Blending in is never the answer. So, to be the most stylish on the Circle, you must dress up your uniform so much that you can safely venture to Town and Country without being instantly profiled as a Castilleja student.